My Pregnancy – Filling in the Blanks

In case you missed it – my husband and I found out we were pregnant back in August of 2016 and had a beautiful baby boy March, 24, 2017.  You can see our baby announcement here.  Since I hadn’t been keeping up with my blog, I’m now playing catch up.

For as much as I had planned on taking weekly baby bump shots, that did not happen.  That is something I definitely regret.  I did manage to take some though, so I will share some of my pregnancy story.

This was my first public bump picture.  It wasn’t until around week 17 – 18 when my baby belly finally popped.  The captions are what I posted on social media. :)

For those who have been curious, here’s my 18 week photo (technically 19 weeks tomorrow)! Boy or girl?!?! We find out on Thursday! :)



















It’s a boy!!  This is the day we found out.  We were both SO happy that we were going to have a little boy!  My husband was over the moon!  My husband comes from a large family with a lot of girls, so we were both slightly surprised, but I had had a feeling deep down he was going to be a boy. ;)

It’s a boy!










We also made an announcement with our dog, Kahlua.  She was actually mopey most of my pregnancy.









Week 24!  This was taken on Christmas Eve.  By far the best and most memorable Christmas Eve yet!  I know it’s only going to get better!

Here’s a little Christmas Eve 24 week bump photo! I’ve been terrible at taking photos but try to take one every now and then. :) Random facts: I absolutely love baby kicks and movements 💕. I tend to feel him most at night and when I’m driving. My craving for spinach has now been replaced with hot Cheetos and ice cream (not together😉). I’ve been more tired this trimester than the first, but thankful that I no longer feel sick all the time. I definitely think this little guy is going to take after his daddy. 💙 We are so blessed and excited that this time next year we will be celebrating Christmas with our little one in our arms!


























And now we jump into January.  I believe I was about 6 months pregnant here.



















Then came my baby shower in February.  I must mention, I don’t typically enjoy baby showers.  I just really don’t do baby shower games…like, at all.  So I was a little nervous about mine, but it turned out awesome!  There were baby shower games, but they were super low key.  This was my outfit.  I will share more about the baby shower in a separate post, but here is what I wore.

Yep – my belly button definitely popped out!

























This was also taken in February.  My friend and I were due just 1.5 weeks apart!  So of course we took some pictures together ;)















My pregnancy overall was a healthy one.  At the beginning I felt sick, but I never once threw up (thank you Jesus!), I had one day of extreme dizziness but thankfully that didn’t stick around either (again, thank you Jesus!).

I CRAVED spinach even before I even knew I was pregnant.  Honestly, that should have been my first clue.  Not just any spinach guys.  I wanted spinach from a can with a ton of apple cider vinegar poured over it lol.  This lasted pretty much until mid-second trimester.  Then my craving was replaced with hot cheetos.  There were also definitely a few spontaneous trips to Dairy Queen as well.

I was afraid I had miss carried at the beginning of 14 weeks, but I’m so incredibly thankful that was not the case.  Let me know if you want the whole story on that.  At the end of the pregnancy it did turn out there was a problem with the placenta, but I will get more into that in my labor and delivery story.  But in the end we were/are completely blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy. <3

This has been one crazy journey but I love it and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Much love.

~ Cami











The Baby Announcement

Well, in case you missed the big news, we had a baby born this past March!  This was our “official” baby announcement!  It was October and I was about 15-ish weeks pregnant (they moved my due date a couple times) when we finally shared our exciting news.  Just two weeks prior we thought we miscarried, so I was pretty nervous to actually make the announcement, but we decided we were probably never going to feel ready so we went ahead with our public announcement.  We were completely blown away by the amount of love and support we received.  This baby was already loved so incredibly much!

If you missed how I told my husband I was pregnant, you can read about it here!




Update and Life News!

It’s been well over a year since I last wrote a blog post…ouch!  Believe it or not, I tried to write a post multiple times since then, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything…until now.  It’s coming up on a year since our big news…I became pregnant!  So in honor of my one year anniversary of finding out we were going to have a little baby, I thought I would share our story with the world.


My husband and I back in February 2016 had just gotten back from a cruise vacation, which you can read about here if you haven’t already.  Nothing of real interest happened after that, we got settled back into our routines and were just living our lives.  Fast forward a few months and my husband and I were attending my company’s annual Indians baseball game in July.  I remember feeling funny that day and even though I had been starving earlier I just couldn’t bring myself to eat my hamburger.  It looked yummy, but gosh, I just couldn’t eat.

Oddly enough, someone from work asked me a couple days later if I was pregnant.  I laughed and told her that if I looked pregnant it had been because I was bloated.  I then went and sat back down at my desk and got to thinking…and thinking.  After some more thinking I then pulled up my calendar and got to counting, and counting, and recounting the days from the previous month.  I immediately called my sister when I got home so she could double check my counting capabilities.  After she finished counting and calculating she then told me “Ummmm, Cami, you better go get a pregnancy test”.


Trying not to freak out the whole 10 minute drive to Fred Meyer I finally arrived (why Fred Meyer?  Two words – “self checkout”).  I then had to call my sister back because who knew there were so many pregnancy test options?!?!  I went with the Clear Blue box that had 2 tests, you know, just in case the first one was wrong…or in case you accidentally drop it in the toilet or something.

I went home and of course I didn’t have to go to the bathroom regardless of all the water I drank.  So I drank, and drank, and drank some more and FINALLY I was ready.  The test said for best results wait until morning.  Psh, wait until morning?!  Yeah, right!  It also said it could take up to one minute, so I took my time washing my hands, making sure I had the biggest suds I’d ever seen.  I was afraid to look at the test too soon, but I accidentally took the tiniest peak just to see if it was done thinking…I immediately did a double take.  That was no minute you guys, it was MAYBE 20 seconds and it already had a result.  A very, very positive result.

Because of random symptoms and according to my calculation, I knew there was absolutely no point in taking the second test.  I stared at my reflection with a complete look of shock and then starting laughing and freaking out. “Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant!  I’m pregnant!  Oh my gosh…I’m pregnant”.


I was dying because my husband, Mikey, was still sleeping (he works graveyard) and I had to figure out how I was going to tell him.  Obviously this pregnancy hadn’t been super planned otherwise I probably would have had this figured out by now.

The day before just so happened to be my birthday and I had a couple gift bags still laying around so after doing some thinking, I emptied the smallest one I could find, put the test in, put all the tissue paper back in and set it on the dining room table.  I finally went to wake him up and got out of the room quickly before I just blurted out the news.

After some time he slowly ambled into the kitchen where I was trying to act as casual as humanly possible and said “oh hey, I got you a little gift too”.  He went to the bag, pulled out the tissue paper and I saw him freeze and said “wait, what?!”  He turned to look at me with a complete look of shock on his face.  “Are you serious?!”.  I had the biggest smile on my face and was nodding my head furiously.  We hugged, we laughed, we then stared at each other with dazed looks on our faces and took turns saying “oh my gosh, we’re going to have a baby”.

We then ate Posole for dinner, still occasionally blurting out “oh my gosh, we’re going to have a baby!”.


I had a healthy baby boy born on March 24, 2017.  We are incredibly blessed.  I will write out the labor/delivery story at some point.  But for now, this will have to do.

More to come!


Currently – May Edition

Wow, this month has been a roller coaster!  Work has been more stressful than ever before, so by the time I get home I am soooo done.  At least the weekends have been nice and relaxing for the most part.

So here’s what I’ve been up to this month.

Currently Watching

Dancing with the Stars.  Nyle Dimarco, one of the contestanst who happens to be deaf, has completely amazed me.  Although I haven’t watched every week from the beginning, it’s been a pretty good season over all.

We are also watching Arrow and The Flash, although, I’m not into these shows too much anymore. I typically scan Facebook and browse the internet while half paying attention.

As far as Alias goes – we had to stop.  It was just too painful.  I hate not finishing something, but there was just so much to pick apart in that show.  I felt the only reason why it stayed on for so long was because in every episode someone took their clothes off.  If someone can tell me the show gets better in seasons 4 & 5 we might reconsider – otherwise it’s just not worth it.

Currently Reading

“Life Management for Busy Women: Living Out God’s Plan with Passion & Purpose” by Elizabeth George.  Done!!!  I give it 3 stars.  Nothing too amazing, but I don’t regret reading it.  I will probably write a short post on it.

Now to finish Harry Potter…

Currently Making/Baking

Ummm….unfortunately I have nothing exciting this month that I’ve made or baked.  Just the typical weeknight recipes.  Hopefully next month I’ll have something worth posting about. :)

Current Obsession

Ipsy!  You can check it out here!  I had been hearing a lot about it lately and since I came down with a recent makeup obsession I decided to give it a try.  After having an incredibly stressful work week, coming home to find a bright pink package sitting in my mail box couldn’t have been a better welcome-home gift on Friday night.  Inside was a cute little makeup bag (which is included in every month’s subscription package) and 5 little (some not so little!) products.  For $10, I felt it was totally worth it.  I plan to write a post on this as well. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So that’s that!   This weekend is totally drizzly and stormy and I am loving it!  It’s the perfect weather to get stuff done around the house…or to just sit and read. ;)

Oh yeah!  And we might go couch shopping later.  We currently have a black leather couch (not my favorite), but it’s been kinda falling apart and becoming uncomfortable to sit in.  So we’ll see what we can find, with Memorial weekend coming up we’re really hoping to find some awesome deals!

Anyway…Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  Have a happy Saturday!

Currently – April Edition


Happy April!  My goodness am I happy to see spring!  I was starting to get a little scared when it snowed the day after Easter, but here we are in the first full week of April and we are having super sunny 75 degree weather.  Summer weather = happy Cami.

So here is what I’m currently up to…

Currently Watching

We finished watching Flashpoint (sad face) and now we are on to Alias.  I loved this show when it first came out, but my goodness, I forgot how cheesy it is sometimes!  We just have to laugh at certain lines like “This is all C4…I can tell because all these boxes say C4 on them!”  Haha, yep, brilliant guy right there. It’s fun though.

Currently Reading

“Life Management for Busy Women: Living Out God’s Plan with Passion & Purpose” by Elizabeth George.

OOooh boy, this is getting embarrassing.  But, hey, at least I’m halfway through! I’ve been dying to read this weekend, but now that we have nice weather it has “forced” me to go outside and work on our garden.  I really wouldn’t care too much about pulling weeds, but we currently rent a house in an HOA community and our house just so happens to be right next to the president of the committee.  So yeaahhh, no slacking allowed on our end.

My “want to read” list is getting larger so I really need to figure something out!  :)

Currently Making/Baking

My husband and I are back on track on our healthy eating plan (for the most part) and we’ve been experimenting with different things.  this month we decided to branch out and get almond milk, however, we didn’t just get plain almond milk, we got Almond Coconut Milk which is actually really yummy!  I don’t love how thick it is, so I don’t drink it straight, but it’s a great base for smoothies.  Thanks to the recipe on the back of the carton we’ve found a great healthy breakfast option.  So because it’s rather tasty I’m sharing the recipe:

1 cup Silk Almond Coconut Blend

2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp almond butter (you can also use peanut butter)

1/4 tsp vanilla

½ small frozen banana (I personally prefer the banana soft, not frozen)

½ cup ice

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Current Obsession

This candle called Joy + Laughter by Chesapeake Bay.  This candle, right here, smells amazing!  I mean, I seriously want to bathe in it.  I have it sitting on my nightstand and light it every night before bed.


My husband and I always stop by the candle section in Target because I can’t walk by without smelling at least one candle.  We’ve never noticed the Mind & Body collection before so naturally we start picking up each candle to see what it smelled like.  We kept picking one up and putting one back.  This one, however, I couldn’t take out of my hand.  The second I smelled this candle, there was no question about it, I needed this candle.  The candle states Cranberry Dahlia – the scent is really sweet but not overpowering.  Describing it to you just isn’t doing it justice, I highly, highly recommend getting yourself to Target and smelling them for yourself.

So that’s all for now.  I’m off to do some laundry and enjoy having all the windows open in the house…I might even pick up my book and read for a while. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Cruise Recap!

Finally!  I meant to post this a couple weeks ago but life kinda got in the way.  It has a habit of doing that ; ).

Anyway, after months and months of planning, the day of our vacation finally arrived (and went just as quickly)!  So here are all the fun little details and a few pics of our trip.



The Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International

The Ship: Independence of the Seas

Length: 4 days/4 nights

Destination: Cozumel, Mexico

Room Type: Superior Ocean View with Balcony – deck 7

How We Decided on What Cruise Line, Destination, and Length of the Cruise

Since we had never cruised before we were looking for somewhere warm and 4-5 days in length.  I didn’t want to take my chances going on a full 7 day cruise in case I ended up getting seasick or completely hating it for whatever reason.

We weren’t too picky on the cruise line, but we were looking for a good deal without sacrificing quality.  The winner became Royal Caribbean (although, I do wish we would have looked around just a little bit more at other cruise lines, just to see how they compared).

DAY 1/Boarding the Ship

We were pretty much clueless when it came to boarding the ship.  We were dropped off at the terminal where we stood looking this way and that trying to figure out where we were supposed to go.  You might as well have smacked a newbie sticker right on our foreheads lol!  Thankfully after about 5 minutes we finally spotted a Porter who was able to take our luggage and direct us to the correct building.

Check-in wasn’t too bad.  We were there so early that there was no line, therefor no waiting.  We filled out a little questionnaire, basically making sure we didn’t have Noro or any other virus.  Then we got our Sea Pass card and then waited in the waiting area for about 45 minutes.  Pretty painless since they had free Wi-Fi in the terminal.

The first thing we did upon entering the ship was purchase our drink packages (I will discuss my thoughts on the drink packages at the end under the “Final Thoughts” section).  Once purchasing our packages we explored the ship a little and had lunch in the buffet.  Then off we went to see our room.

Our Room

The room was actually slightly bigger than I expected.  From other reviews I’ve heard the rooms are really tiny.  We found there was more than enough space and storage for the 2 of us.  The beds are tall enough that you can slide your suite case under so they aren’t in your way.  The bathroom reminded me of a one you would see in an RV – it was small but manageable.  I’m guessing if we had a deluxe ocean view rather than the superior that the rooms would be a little smaller, but I think it still would have been fine.

*Side Note: Please excuse some of the poor quality photos.  In my excitement and sometimes overwhelmed state of mind I just started snapping away without taking much time or thought, haha.


Excuse the lighting and the slightly crumpled bed ; )



The TV was actually really nice to have in the room. During our occasional downtime in the room we watched Harry Potter and other various movies. You could also order room service straight from the TV. How awesome is that?!


After getting all settled in we decided to grab a couple drinks and head to the top deck to watch the sailaway party.  There was music and dancing and then the horn sounded.  It was a perfect way to say hello to our vacation!  Then we headed back to our rooms with our drinks in hand to enjoy watching our ship float away.


Sail-away drinks! My husband had a mojito and I got the drink of the day, which I unfortunately don’t remember what it was, but it was delicious!



The sunsets were amazing! This one was my favorite :)

The sunset was perfect.  We were so relaxed on our balcony, sipping our drinks, watching the world float away.  It was completely wonderful.  The rest of the day we spent relaxing, then we did more exploring of the ship, and then had dinner in the main dining room.  Overall a very fun day!

Day 2/Sailing

Our sailing days were pretty chill.  This was also the day I found out that I get sea sick.  After taking a Bonine pill and putting on my sea bands I started feeling better. I wasn’t going to let myself sleep all day so we decided to grab some lunch at the buffet.

The buffet had about 3 star quality food.  We always headed there for lunch and I ended up getting salad most of the time.  If you give me too many options I get overwhelmed so I tend to just stick to what I know I like.

Then after having lunch there was a lot of this going on…


There is nothing like sipping frozen fruity cocktails while soaking in the sun and overlooking the pool and ocean.

And a lot walking around the ship


Overlooking the Royal Promenade. This is where you would find all the shopping, and cafe’s, and pizza, etc.

And a lot of time playing in the casino.  :)


I was getting a little tired at this point ; )


This was also the formal night.  We ate dinner in the formal dining room most nights, which was really nice and fancy.  The food was good, I would say around 3.5 – 4 stars.  Their pasta was really good and I couldn’t have dinner without their pumpkin seed rolls.  Of course dessert was my favorite.  I loved having chocolate just about every night!


Of course we couldn’t pass up getting one of the formal photos :)


Day 3/Cozumel

Instead of going on an excursion we decided to take the day extremely easy and started the day with room service followed by a couples massage, which was extremely relaxing.  Then we went out to explore Cozumel and see what the port had to offer and grab some souvenirs.  Cozumel was beautiful. I was a little disappointed with some of the prices, especially on cheap-o key chains, but we ended up getting a great deal on some Mexican blankets!

After walking around and finishing up shopping we had lunch at Senor Frog’s.  I will say Sr. Frog’s definitely had a Mexico spring break feel though, there were lots of tequila shots and body grabbing going on, which was probably the biggest downside to it (for us anyway).  But at least the food was good!  Then back to the ship we went to grab some ice cream and hang out by the pool.


The view from Sr. Frog’s




Here we are having a great time!


Day 4: Sailing

The last full day on the ship was a lot like the first full day on the ship.

There was a lot of this going on…


Happy feet!


We also went to see the ice skating show, which was actually really awesome.  I feel like they are extra talented since they can pull off double axles while the ship is moving.  I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of the actual show – I was too caught up in the moment.



We spent the last night of our trip out in the hot tub, under the starts, and sipping on just one last cocktail.  It was the perfect ending.



Although this was the kids area you get the idea of just how beautiful the ship is, especially at night.


Saying Goodbye

Since we weren’t to leave the ship until 9:30 that morning we packed up our stuff and headed to the Cafe Promenade for a light breakfast.  We had to wait a while once we got to our designated area for debarking.  I was glad to have a book with me.  The line to customs took quite a while, but once we got our luggage the line started moving quickly and we were out of there before we knew it.  We grabbed a shuttle and then headed off toward the airport to say goodbye to our vacation.



Final Thoughts

Drink Packages

We both ended up getting the Royal Replenish drink package, which included unlimited sodas, non-alcoholic drinks, premium coffee and tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, and bottled water.  I honestly thought I would drink a ton of bottled water and have coffee and orange juice every day, however, that was not the case.  Because it was so convenient I almost always ended up getting the free orange juice, lemonade, and water that is included in the booking price.  They didn’t have bottles of water just laying around everywhere and half the time I didn’t feel like tracking someone down to ask for one.  Sooo yeah, it just wasn’t worth it for me.  But, hey, at least I know now. :)

My husband on the other hand ended up getting his money’s worth of drinks.  He had plenty of soda and none-alcoholic drinks (we also spent extra on a couple alcoholic ones as well).  Next time we will upgrade him to one of the alcohol packages.  Alcoholic drinks cost $12 and it adds up really fast.

Booking a Massage vs. an Excursion

As I mentioned earlier we decided to book a massage instead of an excursion.  We ended up having the massage first thing in the morning, which was really nice but left us with the whole day ahead of us with not a whole lot to do aside from shopping at the pier.  This was relaxing, but ended up being borderline boring for us the rest of the day.  Looking back I felt like we didn’t end up doing or seeing anything which was rather disappointing.  Next time we will definitely book an excursion since I think it would be a little more fun and would give us more to experience.  If you really want nothing but to do but relax then you should be safe with the massage.  :)


Everyone was really nice and the service was good.  Overall it was a great experience and we would do it again.

For anyone who has questions about our trip or if you have questions in regards to booking a trip, feel free to ask – I’m happy to help!

Currently – February Edition

Well, now that February is almost gone here are this month’s currently’s!  We just got back from our first cruise vacation this week, so I will definitely be giving you all a recap on how that went (*hint*hint* it was a blast!).  In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

Currently Watching

Flashpoint.  It’s practically me and Mikey’s daily date night.  I get home, work out, make dinner, eat, and then we grab a couple blankets, sit down on the couch, cuddle up with each other and get all cozy and watch a few episodes before he has to go to work and I go to bed.  It’s been pretty fun.

Also, Rizzoli & Isles is back.  Woo hoo!!

Currently Reading

“Life Management for Busy Women: Living Out God’s Plan with Passion & Purpose” by Elizabeth George, and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by J.K. Rowling.

I believe I have mentioned this before, but reading more than one book at a time is really not working for me.  Since it takes me twice as long to read each one I will probably be dropping down to one book at a time.  :)

Currently Making/Baking

Oatmeal Muffin Cups!  You can find the recipe here at Sugar-Free Mom’s site.  I used to make these all the time and I have started making them once again.  These are great for a healthy on-the-go breakfast!  They are super easy and make a lot!  I typically put mini chocolate chips on top, but I think next time I am going to add raspberries and blueberries to make them even more healthy.

Current Obsession

Well…up until our cruise I was constantly stalking the Cruise Critic forums. is the place to go if you want to know anything and everything about cruises.  They have information on every cruise line.  You can also find packing tips, excursion advice, drink package info, etc.  You name it, you can find it.  I highly recommend this site if you’re looking to go on a cruise!

But now that we’re back, I’m jumping back into my normal routine of things, including my workouts.   I am currently following Yoga with Adriene and doing the full 30 days of Yoga series.  I started this series before, but with our cruise coming up I had jumped to Blogilates for a little more intense workout, which I will probably jump back into after the 30 days of Yoga series.  I love to switch things up. :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful February.  Stay tuned for my cruise review!  I will do my best to have it ready by next week.

Much love!